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Lost Spirituality: 3-Day Retreat & I'tikaf Program, Dec 17-19, 2021


Dorms are open

IIE has opened male and female dorms. IIE students have begun settling in IIE dorms. IIE's male and female residences, with all facilities and by following Covid regulations, have been opened. The students who are still away from the campus are required to move in to the campus. For more information please contact the male and female caretakers.

Admissions and Records Division

Phone# 847-695-4685

Masjid al Islam offers 2 Services of Jumu'ah

During five congregations, Masjid al-Islam at IIE now is open with an increasing numbers of attendees. From Nov 12, 2021, we restricted numbers of Jumu'ah prayers from 3 to 2. At 12:00PM and 1:00PM, we offer 2 Jumu'ah with a slightly increasing numbers of attendees. However, the mosque is open from the time of Fajr to 9:00PM.

Masjid al Islam Management

Phone# 847-695-4685

3-Day Retreat and I'takaf Program

The Institute of Islamic Education welcomes you to our exciting 3-day retreat! We will host workshops, panel discussions and many engaging exciting programs. Dates: Starts from Maghrib Prayer on Friday, December 17 2021 until Ẓuhr Prayer on Sunday, December 19 2021. All details and registration form are available at https://www.islamicedu.org/lost-sprituality

Masjid al Islam Management

Phone# 847-695-4685


Institute of Islamic Education(IIE) was founded by MawlanaQari Muhammad Abdullah Saleem under the patronage of HadratMawlana Muhammad NaimSahab (RA), Shaykh al-Hadith of DarulUloom Deoband Waqf. Established in 1989 in Elgin, IL,IIE..

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Masjid al Islam
Boys Dorm
main building
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IIE Classroom


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There is an amazing opportunity to support Masjid-al-Islam and IIE's annual cost by donating generously.