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The institute is situated 40.7 miles north-west from Downtown Chicago (27 miles from O’Hare). In a very peaceful and environment friendly location, spanned on seven acres of land, IIE is one of the largest Islamic institutions in the United States with the following facilities:

1- Masjid al-Islam: This is the central building of IIE. In this beautiful masjid the daily five prayers, Jumu’ah and ‘Eidayn are offered by the community. Classrooms and administrative sections are annexed to the masjid.

2- Boys and Girls Dorms: With rooms, dining facilities and lounge areas, the IIE dorms for both boys and girls offer all the amenities students need to facilitate their education. boarding and kitchen facilities for boys and girls are separate.

3- Meals: Those who live away from home often suffer from improper diet. Thanks to our kitchen staff who understand the needs of the students and are responsible for providing students with wholesome food, students get the nutrition they need to keep their studies going. 

4- Noor Elementary School: A beautiful school building; elementary classes for local small children are conducted at this facility. A Sunday school is organized for kids where they learn basics of Islam.

5- Girls Building and Dorms: A separate girls dorm with classrooms, boarding and kitchen is located a half mile away from the main campus and is supervised around the clock by female staff.

6- Gymnasium: A large and fully equipped gym is situated in the main campus which provides sports facilities to both boys and girls. The gym is overseen by the professional coach.

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