Lost Spirituality: 3-Day Retreat & I'tikaf Program

The Institute of Islamic Education welcomes you to our exciting 3-day retreat! 

In this retreat, we will cover various relevant issues that will be of interest to our community, ranging from topics such Atheism, dealing with the LGBTQ+, to the harms of Social Media. We will also host workshops, panel discussions and many engaging exciting programs such as a Qiraat Night, with reciters from all across the country! 

During this retreat, we will also be holding an I’tikaaf, with Ulama/Scholars from across the nation joining as well. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from their company and make sure to save the date. We look forward to your presence, because as we all know, no community program is complete without you!  

Location: Institute of Islamic Education
Address: 1290 Bluff City Blvd Elgin, IL 60120
Dates: Starts from Maghrib  Prayer on Friday, December 17 2021 until Ẓuhr Prayer on Sunday, December 19 2021

Register for the program by clicking the button below:

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