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Appeal to Support IIE

IIE operates as a 501 (C) 3 organization, but to put it rather simply, we are a masjid and a school that many families cannot afford to pay the modest tuition of school fees; for this reason, IIE covers a very limited percentage of its annual budget from student fees. The annual budget of IIE, which runs close to a million dollars, is covered exclusively through the contributions of generous donors who pay as much as they can afford to give. So we encourage you to continue your support to IIE and Masjid al-Islam, and perhaps you can start by listening to a short speech delivered by great scholar Maulana Makki from Makkah al-Mukarramah, the speech is available at our websites: and

Contribute to the greater Good

IIE is an asset of the American Muslim community, for more than thirty years it has been serving the US Muslim community. IIE is the pioneering institute, it produced hundreds of Huffaz and ulama those who are serving throughout the United States. The graduates of the IIE are emerging as one of the strong pillars of the American Muslim community.

Through your generous contributions, IIE has achieved many milestones. The generous donors have shown a strong commitment to IIE and Masjid al-Islam, and for that, may Allah reward you all in this life and in the next. During this tough time, we appeal to you all to increase your support to IIE and Masjid al-Islam: pay your Zakat and help our community members in need; IIE for this purpose reserves a separate Zakat Fund. You may deposit your Zakat at IIE, which we shall distribute among the needy and the poor. Each year needy and poor receive financial support from IIE, such support goes through your donation of Zakat.

Support IIE students (Sponsorship)

There are many students, who are unable to pay their monthly dues. You may financially support them by adopting at least one student. Sponsor at least one student for Hifz Program, Alim program or Ifta Program. Those who complete their education in Qur’an and Shari’ah and become Hafiz, Alim and Mufti, certainly they shall be a Sadaqah Jariyah for you.


Hifz Program: ​​$550/month​$6,600/Year

Alim Program:​​$600/month​$7,200/Year

Mufti/Ifta Program:​$700/month​$8,400/Year

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