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IIE’s response to the challenge of Covid

All praises and exaltations are for Allah SWT, the Nurturer of everything. He is the One in whose control is our health and wellness, our life and death. May the salutations of peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his blessed family, his companions and all those who have followed them in their footsteps.

Last year we made an appeal that people should take Covid as a reprimand from Allah and turn towards Him for seeking His forgiveness. By the grace of Allah! Many people realized that Covid was a test for our humanity; as such many turned towards Allah, sought His forgiveness and helped each other with all possible means. We hope our prayers are accepted and our faith continues to strengthen.

Academic and Masjid services at IIE during Covid lockdown

IIE swiftly responded to the challenges of Covid-19 by following the governor’s orders to close the school’s doors, but still we remained committed to our educational goals of quranic and academic studies by shifting online. The masjid remained open to the public while adhering to best COVID-19 social-distancing practices.

Our academic year ran smoothly with new students joining our program. Our educator, those in the alim program and academics, supported students by taking full advantage of teaching online to supplement their teaching. Throughout the year, we continued teaching Alim program, Qur’an Hifz integrated with academics and Ifta with no interruption whatsoever. Simultaneously, we continued conducting five regular prayers and increased the numbers of Jum’ah services from one to three. We are sure this is the result of community members who continue to support IIE in times of great need.

Ramadhan 2020 and IIE’s services to the community

In 2020, during the month of Ramadhan, IIE’s Masjid al-Islam broadcast Azkar after every salāt (prayers), Tafsir of Qur’an and other activities online through various platforms. Though there was no large public gathering at IIE’s Masjid al-Islam, we still brought the services of the Masjid to the houses of the attendees. Masjid al Islam attendees enjoyed Ramadhan activities both for the family and kids at home.

In this academic year, dedication of our teachers did not wane and as a result of their hard work, our student population numbers remained steady. Some of our academic staff members taught from the campus and the rest taught virtually.

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