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Year-Round Boarding

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Normal Boarding

IIE offers boarding for students seeking to reside on campus for minimal fees. Boarding includes meals and has separate facilities for both male and female students. 

Premium Boarding (Boys Campus)

Starting in August 2024, IIE will introduce a premium boarding facility. This is also a sharing board like the normal board; however, the number of sharing students is restricted to four in one room with a private washroom. Also, this facility is in close proximity to the classes and Masjid al-Islam. Students who demonstrate excellence in study will be granted the privilege of residing at the premium board.

Our beautiful gymnasium located at the western end of the campus allows our students to stay physically fit and healthy. With the state-of-the-art basketball court in place students get chance to compete with each other, they also have access to bench press system, ping pong table and more, segregated classes for martial arts are also offered to the students.

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