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IIE and Masjid al-Islam are your responsibility!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

By the grace of Allah! With the help and support of the people of Chicagoland, IIE and Masjid al-Islam have been serving the Muslim community for last three decades. There is no need to mention the types of IIE’s services, it has been rendering without any interruption. Also, there is no need to mention the types of the support it has been receiving from the community members. IIE is a not-for-profit Islamic institute, which relies on the financial support from the community members.

Amid Covid-19 crisis, IIE’s services are badly affected, but its recurring expenses are going on uninterrupted. Ramadhan is the month, which always comes with bounties and mercy of Allah SWT.

IIE’s Masjid al-Islam each year offers Tarawih, Iftar, Khatm al-Qur’an and I’tikaf. Unfortunately, this year these services are interrupted, but we understand that the community members who are always associated with IIE and Masjid al-Islam shall realize the needs of IIE.

1- IIE has a bulk of students who get financial support from IIE. 2- IIE has a running kitchen for boarding students. 3- IIE has a bulk of staff members whose salaries are due 4- IIE and Masjid al-Islam have bills, which need to be settled on time.

The first two of the above services are postponed until Ramadhan and Eid break. All IIE students are enjoying Ramadhan and Eid break with their families. However, latter two of the four are recurring and are needed to be settled on priority basis. We make an urgent appeal from the community members, please continue your support. Please pay your donation to the IIE through the following ways:

Please Quickpay/Zelle your donation to Debit card donations and Sadaqah can be accepted at

We look forward to your earliest response to the call made by IIE and Masjid al-Islam.

Your reward is only with Allah SWT. Regards,

Maulana Abdur Rahman Saleem Director of Outreach

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