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Why should we honor our Graduates?

IIE is organizing its annual convocation ceremony on June 25, 2022 for conferring the degrees and certificates upon the graduates. Those who have completed Ifta, Alim, Hifz programs and successfully have earned High School certificates shall be honored on this auspicious occasion. There is general practice of conducting convocation ceremonies by the universities and the institutes around the world. No doubt graduation is a milestone in the life of someone, therefore, convocation ceremonies become special events for them and their families. However, in secular education, the impact of being a graduate largely remains limited; other than the exceptional professions, graduates’ social impact remains inconspicuous.

Unlike secular education, in religious education the graduates individually remain effective and impactful on the large scale. The impact of religious education is seen in the daily life of the graduates; they are trained in a very special way for imparting the Islamic education and representing Islam by following its tenets. This quality of our graduates makes them more special for the community.

In fact, after completing their education they emerge as the community leaders, the imams and the pathfinders. Their life does not remain solely intact to themselves, they are considered as the role models by the rest of the community. They develop the ability of leading the community in everyday life and also during the hard times. They develop the ability of counseling the bewildered people, men and women. They acquire enough skills of teaching and guiding our youths and children according to the pious traditions of the Holy Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم), the companions of the holy Prophet (رضي الله عنهم) and the great scholars of Islam (رحمهم الله). Such qualities and characteristics make them different from the graduates in other fields. Their expertise and their connection with the community encourages us to celebrate their convocation ceremony.

It is not only they, but the community which shall enjoy their expertise in the religious education. Their success does not merely belong to them, in fact, they are going to lead the community with greater success, and this success is not only material, it is spiritual as well as connected with our life after death. This is why we need to celebrate their graduation and we need to encourage them. We need to honor them as they will be our future leaders in our worldly affairs as well as they will help us guide what is wrong and what is right.

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