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Words About IIE

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

"Beautiful masjid with great scholars leading the prayers. Very adequate facilities for both men and women. Bi-weekly talk (family night) every other Friday with light dinner available. Full time school available for serious students as well as part time evening programs." Abu Bakr Tunkara

"The teachers are very knowledgeable. Very caring environment. My son attended this school since he was very young. Now he is on his 5th year of the Alim program. I am very pleased with this school." Sara Queen

"Assalamualikum! I have attended this school for about a year and it has changed my life! There are some students who come there to get away from home and think they can do whatever at the madrasah but no, it doesn’t work like that. (The funny part is... the ones who got in trouble from doing that went back home and wrote bad reviews here lol) There are strict and simple rules which you must obey and follow in order to succeed. This madrasah gave me an opportunity to both memorize the Quran and finish my 11th grade of high school. Highly recommended this place for non-Muslims and Muslims. This madrasah has a good mix of Somali-Pakistani-Indian-Other Asians- and all different other cultures. Jazakallah Khair IIE, I will definitely go back for alim course inshAllah" Jibran Malik

"Wonderful place wonderful management I love this masjed 💕" Raed Zayed

"Oh, my God hate and murders never been part of Mohammad spiritual journey. We still spreading hate instead of love, I'm a Christian woman and I serve all creation, I pray for the day RESPECT will be the common ground for a better World. It's so sad, when people spread hate instead of knowledge, I pray all be well in your house Islamic Institution, Peace be with you." Maria Rodriguez,

"This Masjid is beautiful its called IIE and it changed my life." Abid Desai, current student of Alim program

"Assalamalaikum, mashallah may Allah swt give jaza e khair to Maulana and his family for establishing the madarasa and the masjid. Alhamdulillah 3 of family kids have graduated from the madarasa. The masjid is really indescribable, your khushu will have" Mohammad Moiz

"Beautiful Masjid. Very clean and organized." Reyaz Shaik

"Always a pleasure to go to this Masjid" Razzak Khader

"Clean, beautiful, nice environment" Usman Chaudhary

"Love this masjid Allahuma bariq" Easton Lundsteen

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